Our idea to produce our own cosmetic line emerged from the wish to indulge our skin in effective care- through the power of nature.

Our luxurious bio cosmetic products are amazing. The plant-based components are derived from certified organic farming. Natureskin cares about health, beauty and esthetics just as much as about respect for nature. The production of our luxurious products therefore fully excludes all chemicals and harmful additives. All Natureskin products are 100% free of parabens, silicones, mineral and crude oil, artificial coloring. No Synthetic fragrances, preservatives, gene technology and derivatives are used, and the products are not tested on animals.

Our small company so far has developed three inspiring products for your face skin, which adapt to your skin type. All face creams are very soft to apply, being quickly absorbed into your skin, leaving the skin velvety-soft. Even suitable for sensitive skin.

Our innovative airless dispenser seals the products air- tight and protects against light. This extends storage life without having to add preservatives. Not only function, but even highest quality and esthetics lie at the heart of our business.

Therefore we only use airless dispensers made from polypropylene manufactured in Germany. This material does not interact chemically with the content, ensuring our cream is as pure as we bottled it. Polypropylene is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our products are developed and produced locally in Munich in a specialized lab, HSM biolab, together with us.

Since March 2017 all our products have been certified as natural cosmetics by the NCS Natural Cosmetics Standard (

Our company believes in the unique combination of pure plant- derived biological components in luxurious formulas and outstanding quality. With our luxurious cosmetics for highest claims we want to preserve the beauty and radiance of youth.

Revive your beauty and let time stand still.

Try it for yourself, you`ll be surprised!

Natureskin- natural beauty for you.

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