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Regeneration Cream Youth Refresh

Our silky velvety regeneration cream is packed with numerous anti Рoxidative, regenerating and moisturizing ingredients. Again, our Marvel Remedy Elixir is the centerpiece of the cream. High quality linseed oil and almond oil, both of which are rich in vitamins, bring about an improvement in skin texture and elasticity. Dry skin especially becomes soft and supple, the skin is smoothed. Furthermore, these also serve as a vehicle for other active ingredients and so improve their effect. Free radical scavengers such as rosemary and Gingko with its numerous flavonoids and Shea Butter, provide extra care and  intensify the effect of the cream.

An innovative milk peptide complex – Whey Protein – contains natural, biologically active cytokines. Through this, the skin is visibly smoothed, the skin thickness and – strength can be significantly improved. The depth of wrinkles is demonstrably reduced after 14 days when used twice daily *. It comes to a demonstrable improvement in skin structure *. The unique proteins leave skin silky smooth, and appears tightened and lifted. Your skin is revitalized and given new energy.

Natural hyaluronic acid plumps the skin. A fresher, more resistant and younger looking skin is revealed.

Youth Refresh is not only care, but deeply effective luxury.
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* Study 2011 – CLR Berlin

Moisturizing cream Hydro Splash

Hydro Splash improves the moisture content of your skin and contains many moisturizing ingredients. The proportion of active herbal moisturizer is particularly high. Soothing Apricot Kernel Oil with mostly unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B and E stimulate the oxygen content of the cells. Valuable olive leaf extract has many proven antioxidant properties. Their skin barrier is strengthened.

Hydro Splash cares for your skin, makes it soft and supple and protects it from harmful environmental influences and free radicals. Exclusive wheat germ extract contains highly concentrated B – vitamins which make your skin appear delicate and smooth. Xylitglucoside, a highly innovative plant complex, increases your production of hyaluronic acid in your skin. The skin appears firmer and fuller and is deeply moisturized.
The silky, fine and very rich cream Hydro Splash is a new must-have. Tired skin, a pale complexion, dryness and first wrinkles disappear. The regular use of Hydro Splash recovers damaged skin and lets first fine lines disappear.

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Anti – Aging Creme Blooming Boost

This luxurious, rejuvenating, rich cream with an unique anti-aging action provides the skin with valuable nutrients.

Precious argan oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, nourishes the skin and acts as a free radical scavenger. Avocado Oil moisturizes and softens the complexion leaving it fresh and rosy. High regenerative extract from Swiss Snow Algae rejuvenates and tightens the skin. Organic green tea acts as a free radical scavenger and protects against harmful environmental influences and invigorates tired skin. Hamamelis, also known as witch hazel, inhibits inflammation and helps the skin to keep its original balance. Blueberries stimulate with plenty of vitamin C the formation of collagen in the skin. They act and act due to their natural flavonoids in addition as a scavenger. Nourishing cocoa butter makes the skin wonderfully soft and velvety.

Blooming boost refines the skin, making it supple, soft and smooth. The skin is revitalized. The cream smoothes fine lines and makes the complexion glow.

Perfect as a day and night cream. Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin.

Try it for yourself!

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