Marvel Remedy

The heart of all our products is the precious, nutritious elixir Marvel Remedy, a special blend of aloe vera and coconut oil. This composition provides your skin with moisture and supports to the highest degree in the skin’s natural renewal process.

The active ingredients from aloe vera and coconut oil are the main ingredients, often used in the history of cosmetics. Aloe vera has been used to enhance natural beauty, but also in medicines. It was not for nothing called the “superstar cosmetics”. Even coconut oil has been used mainly in Southeast Asia as a health and beauty-promoting agent. Through its numerous vitamins and minerals, as well as in combination with the highly moisture-giving lauric acid, it has become an indispensable part of our wonderful elixir.
Marvel Remedy provides moisture, improves skin texture and visibly reduces early signs of skin aging.

Using modern technology and lengthy research, this unique, highly effective elixir has been developed. Thanks to Marvel Remedy, all our products meet our goal to replenish the moisture content of the skin and to protect the skin against free radicals and harmful environmental influences.

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