About us

Natureskin is a young company which was founded by two doctors in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.

During their studies, they realized that most skin care products do not provide what producers promise, and that many skin care products even contain potentially harmful and damaging substances.
They wanted to change this. Their idea to produce their own cosmetic products emerged from their wish to indulge their skin with effective nutrients – with the power of nature. They wanted to provide individual beauty no mass production, but create a skin care line that offers more. After experimenting with their favorite ingredients, aloe vera and coconut oil, the basis for all their magic products was created- Marvel Remedy!

Natureskin is the perfect skin care line for the women of today. Perfect skin care meaning for Natureskin to achieve maximum effect by pure natural ingredients and to manufacture all products in harmony with the environment in a sustainable manner.



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