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Almond oil

Almond oil, obtained from the almond kernels, is used as a care product and as a food. The almond is the edible stone fruit, which is used in many different ways.

The plant seedling, the edible almond, is used by us in manifold ways.

There are three almond varieties:

  • the sweet almonds,
  • the bitter almonds
  • the tangled almond, which is almost known only in Spain and southern France.

The bitter almonds are mainly used for the alcoholic drink Amaretto. The bitter almonds give the amaretto its characteristic flavor.

They are also used for the production of bitter almond oil (the small aromas that are present during baking), as an additive for liqueurs and in cosmetics.

The sweet almond is unrestrictedly edible and is used both without or with salt.

Nibbling, as for example for  almond (our delicious recipe for sugared almonds we have already posted).

It is also often used to refine food such as cakes and biscuits and to make marzipan. Almond oil is also made from sweet almonds. When almond residues of e.g. From the oil production remain, these are often utilized for cosmetics. A significant difference to the often used hazelnuts is that the almond kernels do not trigger allergies.

In two weeks in Blog Post Part 3 we describe you all ingredients of the almond and its effect on our skin!

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