Nature’s ancient talent! Almond Oil❤️

Nature’s ancient talent! Almond Oil❤️

Almond oil is one of our enchanting ingredients of our fantastic facial creams.
The almond symbolizes life and vitality. The history of the almond or the almond tree begins many thousand years ago. Botanically, the almond has the Latin name Prunus dulcis rosaceae.
According to a Greek legend, the first almond tree originated from a drop of blood from the goddess Kybele. Already in antiquity, the almond was important, so the almond was considered a symbol of fertility and pregnancy because of its sheltered core, and was distributed at weddings. The oil obtained from the almond had a phallic significance as the seed of Zeus.

Each era provides a story or legend around the almond. The Romans became acquainted with the almonds from the Greeks, who were settled in today’s southern Italy. In the first century after Christ’s birth, today’s Southern Europeans already knew that there were sweet and bitter almonds. Both varieties were used in the great Roman empire for the production of skin care products but also used as medicaments. From southern Europe the almond spread first to North Africa and later to south-western Europe. Here the almonds also found use in the diet, so the ancient Egyptians already buzzed their bread of almonds.
The ancient Romans and the Arabs are rich in history, as is the distribution of the almond tree. In southern Spain, the Moors are regarded as sponsors of the almond tree. Spanish monks from a Franciscan monastery took over the valuable nut and brought them to California.
In Germany, it was clearly the Romans, who also settled the almonds next to the vines. Alexander the Great also belongs to the people who participate in the fact that the almond tree has made it to Northern Europe.
In California, the world’s largest production site of almonds is still found today.

The dreamlike beautiful almond blossom often already before winter end. Therefore the symbolic character for life and vitality comes. In the almond tree many nutrients and vitamins grow, which are used as foodstuffs and also as care products.

The almond oil obtained from the almond kernels is used as a care product and as a food product. Almond oil is obtained from the ripe fruits of the almond tree by cold pressing.

Almond oil is well tolerated due to its ingredients, does not irritate the skin and is also not comedogenic, which means it does not support formation of pimples and acne. The almond oil is a clear, pale yellow liquid…..

…. So, thats it for now! In two weeks there will be more about this important ingredients and their effects.

Now we wish you all a nice summer afternoon!

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