Clean your body and soul!

Clean your body and soul!

Clean your soul and your body before summer, so you can start the warm season healthy and fresh! Millions of people fast every year for many different reasons. Some people fast for religious reasons and some people because of their health. Fasting cleans the body and can help you to a healthier better lifestyle. The soul gets new energy, while the body will be cleansed of harmful substances. During a fasting period, one may lose some weight, as the body tackles the fat reserves. But this is not the most important reason for fasting: it also helps to find your inner balance. It seems to be a time-out for the body and soul. While fasting, you have to forgo solid food for a specific period of time. You will “eat” and drink just liquid food. For example tea, water, juice and vegetable broth. Experts recommend fasting for one week. It is possible to fast longer than a week, but you should be careful. It’s better if you fast for a week and repeat the fasting after some weeks. 

Almost everybody can fast, but you must have a strong will. Children, pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers, people with anorexia, bulimia and other health issues shouldn’t fast. It is recommended for everybody to talk it through with your doctor before starting the fasting period. There are a lot of different kinds of fasting. Everybody has to look for the right method for himself. Fasting is a process for the inner peace of mind. Additional massages, baths and yoga can also help for the perfect relaxation. When you fast, you clean your whole body and your skin. The skin looks flawless, glowing and healthy after a while. You can support this effect with our new blooming boost cream with aloe vera, coconut oil and blueberries. This cream provides your facial skin with valuable nutrients, and makes it beautiful, smooth and soft. 

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