Beautiful – thanks to good sleep

Beautiful – thanks to good sleep

Beauty sleep is not based on myths. According to doctors and researchers, sleep really does promote beauty. Whoever sleeps too little exhibits clear indications of a lack of sleep, and fatigue clearly leaves its tracks. After a sleepless night, almost  immediately dark circles under the eyes are evident because the skin quickly becomes thinner and small wrinkles appear. This occurs due to a lack of growth hormone, which is mostly secreted during sleep. For this reason, there are different facial creams for the appropriate time of the day. In the evening, one should use a regeneration cream such as our new Youth Refresh. Thanks to Ginkgo Biloba, microcirculation is stimulated in the face and as a result facial skin is revitalized and tightened, so that the next day it looks healthy and relaxed. The human body needs a lot of sleep to relax and regenerate. Perhaps many people wish for a one hundred year sleep like Sleeping Beauty, but that is clearly too long. On the average, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping.

However, the duration of our sleep can be quite different. Some people need six hours of sleep, while others need nine hours. It is said that one needs between seven and eight hours of sleep on average. Below we provide three tips for the optimal beauty sleep.

1. Worries stay outside!

If you have problems at work or with your family and friends, you shouldn’t take them with you in your bedroom. You should talk about them or you should entrust them to your diary. After you’ve bared your soul, or, for example, written about your worries, then you can immediately sleep much better.

2. Technology doesn’t belong in the bedroom!               

The bedroom should really be there for sleeping and not be cluttered with various technical devices. After all, mobile phones, laptops ipads etc. can give off radiation, which interferes with optimal sleeping. Furthermore, various devices can also have a faint humming sound, which is perceived in the subconsciousness of the person sleeping.

3. Beauty sleep! 

Sleep does wonders for your skin and your entire body. With supportive creams such as Youth Refresh the effect can be enhanced, and your facial skin can be optimally refreshed and regenerated for the next day.

A beauty sleep in not a faire tale, it is reality. If you implement these small tips, nothing will stand in your way of a well­balanced sleep. With our natural and luxurious products your skin glows healthy and fresh.

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