Perched on the women!

Perched on the women!

On March 8th, time has come again. International Women’s Day will celebrate this year for the 105th time. This Celebration Day was once created for the struggle for equality, the right to vote for women and the emancipation of workers.

What has happened in the last 105 years, with respect to the emancipation of women? In many parts of the world and especially in Europe, women have gained significant recognition. They may go to vote andcompanies are now working with a women’s quota for management positions. In politics, there is also afixed quota for women.

The image of women has in the last century developped positively and women get paid more respect. Unfortunately, this is not so all over, but in principle and especially in Europe, women have fought for their deserved recognition and the same rights that are available to men in every way. Therefore, we also celebrate International Women’s Day in 2016 full of pride. 

In many countries, the 8th of March is even a legal holiday, but here in Switzerland, it is considered a normal working day. However, women get attention and  a sign of recognition. Because the modern womandeserves any recognition. She copes with children, shopping, medical appointments, household and all thatin addition to the job. It is therefore important that women take time to relax and just do something for themselves and their well-being. The new and luxurious facial care of Natureskin Switzerland is for the modern woman of today. It regenerates the facial skin and makes traces from everyday-life  disappear. 

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