Our Secret Ingredient Swiss Snow Algae

Our Secret Ingredient Swiss Snow Algae

One of our secret key ingredient of our creams is Swiss Snow Algae.
Snow Algae are single-celled organisms that live in the snow under extreme conditions. In the spring, they have a vibrant green color. They awaken and proliferate…first causing the snow to become green.

Later in the year, the Snow Algae turn into a brilliant red, causing the snow to become red. The snow algae change color by producing carotenoids for protection against the high UV radiation and therefore appear red. Snow algae are able to survive the extreme conditions of alpine and polar snow fields. They even have the unique ability to actively live at a temperature of approximately 0 °C with very low nutrient levels. Conversely, most other plants in these conditions either reduce their metabolic activities or are simply unable to survive.

When they turned red, they are harvested and collected — and brought into the research laboratory.

Snow Algae occur in polar regions and the Alps in thawing snowfields. The visible skin rejuvenation through snow algae is scientifically proven: it produces a rejuvenating drug cocktail. This valuable, highly regenerative agent may be isolated from the plant, and is part of our highly effective anti-aging cream. Snow algae agents improve skin texture. The skin looks rejuvenated, tightened and regains its elasticity.

You’ll find Swiss Snow Algae in our luxury anti-aging cream Blooming Boost! The skin is revitalized. The cream smoothes fine lines and makes the complexion glow. Shop Now >>


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